หลุด ! รายนาม Killstreaks และ Perk ทั้งหมดของ Modern Warfare 3

คอเกม First Person Shooting  ทั้งหลายจงมาดูซะ ตอนนี้รายละเอียดของ Perk และ Killstreaks ทั้งหมดของเกมยิงที่โลกรออย่าง Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 ได้หลุดออกมาให้เราชมกันแล้ว ส่วนจะมีอะไรที่หายไปและอะไรที่มาเพิ่มใหม่นั้นไปชมกันได้เลย งานนี้รับรองได้ว่ามันเจ๋งสุดๆแน่นอน โดยตัวเกม Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 นั้นจะวางจำหน่ายในวันที่ 8 พฤศจิกายนนี้ทั้ง PC,Xbox360 และ PS3



Perk 1

Extreme Conditioning- Increased sprint time- Pro Climb objects faster

Slieght of Hand- Faster Weapon Reloads- Pro Faster weapon swap

Scavenger- Replinish Ammo- Pro More ammo off spawn

Blind Eye- Undetectable by Air Support- Pro Launchers lock on faster+do more damage to vehicles

Recon- Explosive damage marks target- Pro Bullet damage marks target(good for call outs)

Perk 2

Hardline- 1 less kill for kill/point streak- Pro 2 assists=kill towards kill streak

Assasin- Immune to UAV, portable radar, thermal and heartbeat sensors- Pro Immune to CUAV and EMP

Overkill- Two Primaries- Pro 2 attachments on your 2nd primary

Quickdraw- Faster ADS- Pro Faster recovery from equitment/nade usage

Blast Shield- Flak Jacket from Bops- Pro Immune to stun/flash bangs

Perk 3

Sitrep- Hacker from Bops- Pro Hear enemy footsteps louder

Dead Silence- Ninja- Pro No fall damage

Stalker- Faster movement while ADS- Pro Delayed Claymores

Marksman- ID Targets from range- Pro Longer Breath Hold

Steady Aim- Increased hip fire accuracy- Pro Faster ADS after sprinting

Kill streaks

3 types- Assault, Support, Specialist. You pick what type of class is which during class editing


Care Package- 4 Kills. No Changes

IMS- 5 kills. 3 or 4 landmines that can not be stunned or flashed.

Predator Missile- 5 Kills. No Changes

Sentry Gun- 5 kills. No changes

Precision Airstrike- 6 Kills. No changes

Attack Helicopter- 7 Kills. No changes

Little Bird Flock- 7 Kills. Little bird helicopters patrol the map, possibly tag enemys or kill them, downside probably no

Little Bird Guard- 9 Kills. Big Helicopter that follows you and over see’s you.

Reaper. 9 Kills- Mortar team with 5 predator missles.

Talon. 10 Kills- Robotic tank like Homefront.

AC-130. 12 Kills- Sandy Ravages killstreak is back…

Pavelow. 12 Kills- No Changes but possible buff.

Juggernaut Armor- 15 Kills. Become a Juggernaut from Spec Ops.

Osprey Chopper Gunner- 15 Kills. Jump into a chopper gunner, and drops 4 care packages for your team.


UAV- 4 Kills. No changes

Counter UAV- 5 Kills. No changes

Ballistic Duffel- 5 Kills. Gives your team Juggernaut(the perk) so player health is increased to 130.

Hacked Care package- 5 Kills. Drops hacked care package that explodes.

SAM Turret- 8 Kills. Returns from black ops with possible buff.

Remote UAV- 10 Kills. Something like UAV in Battlefield Bad Company 2, target enimies and then shoot them with missiles

Advanced UAV- 12 Kills. Blackbird

Remote Turret- 12 Kills. Sentry gun that you can control.

Stealth Bomber- 14 Kills. Possible buff.

EMP- 18 Kills. No changes.

Juggernaut Armor- 18 Kills. Care Package that contains juggernaut armor.

Escort Airdrop- 18 Kills. Same as Osprey except computer controls the chopper gunner and still drops 4 care packages.


Extra Perk- 2 Kills

Extra Perk- 4 Kills

Extra Perk- 6 Kills

Death Streaks-

Juiced- Lightweight- 4 Deaths

Martrydom- Same as previous games- 4 Deaths

Final Stand- Same as old games, Dont know if you stand back up- 4 deaths

Revenge- Person that last killed you appears as permanent dot on radar till killed- 5 deaths

Stopping Power- Last for one kill- 5 deaths

Dead man’s hand- Run around with c4 in your hands and suicide bomb- 6 Deaths



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